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Welcome to Advanced Breed Group Of Schools, Sagamu Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria.
ABCC is a distinct and vision-driven, market-ready producing Institution that is highly committed to providing a world class education to students from various tribes and races in Nigeria
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Conducive Environment
You will be coming to an environment where learning is not an option, where you will experience Hands-On Lab Approach
The Chairperson Welcome Message

It is a great privilege to be with the school. It is been my pleasure to watch the school take shape and see its plans develop as it create a new community amoung its students and staff.

As a new member of the growing network of secondary shools, the school is committed to high achievment for all her students and which place the highest value on education.

As the chairperson of the board of Governors, I look forward to building a strong partnership with parents and member of staff to create a college that is worthy of emulation by all and sundry.

Untill I have the chance to meet you personally, may I welcome you to Advanced Breed Group of Schools and hope that when you have finished reading, you will share our vision for an exceptional school. Thanks...

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Over 14000+ Parents Have The Same Vission

Advanced Breed Group Of Schools Breed A Total Man Who Builds The Moral, Social And Economic Strata Of The Society And Give It An Educational Institution Where Confidence Can Be Reposed.
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Latest News & Events
The 1st Continuous Assessment Test for 2nd term 2018/2019 Academic Session starts on Monday, 28th January, 2019 and ends on Friday, 1st February, 2019.
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