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What You Need To Know About The School
The Principal's Message

Advanced Breed Group of Schools is a one -stop school. We are academic giant in providing the best in quality education to your child. We are your theatre of realized dreams and passionately molding your child to become a dependable and successful leader he/she is meant to be. Ours is a school that is very competitive and our records in both external and internal exams and competitions only testify to the sincere hard work of the teachers and sustained determination of the students. Joining us will expose your child to the following: 

Class Size: We are no strangers to the importance of space and tranquil atmosphere for effective learning. Therefore we have made sure our classrooms are well ventilated, and arranged to take only 20 students. This enables the teachers to have excellent monitoring control of the students during class work.

Comprehensive teaching: We ensure that our curriculum is prepared in line with the most current authorized syllabuses. Also we give our students the course outline at the beginning of the term to ensure that the syllabus is covered. In addition to that, we make sure that homework is given in all subjects every week. Constant evaluation on topics taught is a culture in our school.

Examination: We conduct two continuous assessment tests, one management test, an impromptu test and end of the term examinations for our students. These are marked objectively and scores are awarded accordingly.

Sports: We ensure that our students are physically fit to assimilate whatever they are taught in class. Therefore we expose them to different sporting activities like football, basketball, handball, athletics and table tennis. Aside having Physical and Health Education taught as a subject, we also organize inter-house sports competition as well as honouring invitation of such from other schools.

Excursion: It is a tradition of the school to expose our students to other climes and cultures every year. That is why we embark constantly on excursions. We have gone to United Kingdom (UK), Morocco, Ghana, Togo, and Benin Republic for international excursion, National Museum Onikan Lagos, Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, University of Lagos, Akoka, Ikogosi water stream Ekiti, Railway Tour in Lagos, University of Ibadan, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services (Local Airport) Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, Ogun State House of Assembly, Abeokuta, Badagry Slave Museum, Nutricima Industry, and Dipo Dina Stadium Ijebu Ode. We have made this a vital part of our learning culture and we steadfastly follow it.

Facilities: Our school is very well equipped with modern facilities starting with the Science laboratories, library, ICT Studio, vast space for sports, efficiently run sick bay, constant power and water supply, effective transport system and a conducive hostel facility.

School Fees: Our tuition is very affordable. We have a payment plan that puts our parents into consideration. All fees are paid into the school account in the bank. No cash is entertained in the school. Meanwhile, we run a P.O.S. terminal for the convenience of our parents.

Discipline: This is our watchword. We ensure both students and teachers abide by laid down rules and regulations. The violation of these could attract different degrees of punishment. These may be suspension, expulsion, termination or a pat on the wrist. We also inculcate sound morals in our students and expose them to close relationship with God.

Open Day: The school allows a day in the term for parents to come and assess the performance of their wards. This enables them have an informed grasp of their ward’s academic progress. Aside the open day, our doors are always open to our parents.

ABCC students are going to be the leaders of the future; Our students have earned their confidence in who they are as people and will hold true to themselves and what their family expects.   Yes, there may be some awkward moments; however, there is no reason anyone from ABGS needs to be intimidated.  Our students are imbued with a world class education which can never be taken from them.  Ours are the best of students and in this, we can humbly be proud.

We have accomplishments and awards. More to that, the interview committee and I have met with more than 450 parents who have sought admission for their children these past six months.  These parents wish to have their children follow in the footsteps of the ABGS Students.  What we deliver and our students have experienced is an international hybrid curriculum melding the best curricula from around the world. 

To those thinking to join us, I wish you Godspeed.

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