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The Vision, Mission, School History And Our Belief
Our Vision

To Breed A Total Man Who Builds The Moral, Social And Economic Strata Of The Society And Give It An Educational Institution Where Confidence Can Be Reposed.

Our Mission

To discover and develop the talent abilities of each child and adequately prepare him or her surmount future challenge.


- To impact qualitative education for self reliance and practical knowledge of science and technology.

- To build our students for honesty and committed leadership.

- To nuture the children to attain a high level of consciousness of thier cultural heritage and root.

- To offer a challenging and innovative curriculum to meet the needs of each student with personal progress carefully and acurately manage.

- To maximise the potential of our specialist in area of mathematics, computer science and in particular English language.

- To recruit and retain the best quality teachers and support staff.

- To set high expectations for commitment from staff, students and thier parents.

- To maintain high standard of conduct in all areas.

- To offer dynamic extra curricular program.

- To provide tailored suport to ensure that no child is left behind.

- To forge strong external relationship to broaden our students horizon.

- To provide state of the art buildings and resources, conducive to exellence to teaching and learning.

School History And Our Beliefs


The Director and the Proprietress of the school sowed the seed of the citadel of learning in 1989 when the primary arm of the school was established. In 2009 however, after many years of pondering on the necessary antidote for the feeble educational standard in the nation especially the secondary education, the flag of the college arm of the school was raised.

Examination malpractice, as we know, has almost become an acceptable norm in our society. The visionaries out rightly disagree with such anomaly, and this made them defy all odds to raise sophisticated and independent leaders of tomorrow in Advanced Breed Group of Schools.

One does not need to go far to see the effect of such vision and drive. The school is Government Approved and boasts of modern facilities that other of its counter-parts look to with envy.

Today, with all the successes it has recorded, ABGS is not aiming at the tree, but aiming at the sky, and apparently shooting beyond the height of the tallest tree.

Our Belief

A culture of high expectation and achievment need to be underpinned by willingness and commitement to hardwork and self discipline without undermining our sociocultural herritage.

We maintain a respectful, orderly environment where students can focus on learning and teachers on teaching. Our code of conduct reinforces students responsibility for their action and effect on others. We are quick to praise where appropriate and equally swift to tackle misbehaviour.

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The 1st Continuous Assessment Test for 2nd term 2018/2019 Academic Session starts on Monday, 28th January, 2019 and ends on Friday, 1st February, 2019.
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